Luxe 675

A large family? 4 or 5 to accommodate? A van with space? A van fitted with features and luxury that are not compromised by the number of people it has to accommodate? A sublime towing van? A van that you want to leave on your driveway to get heads turning? Look no further than a LUXE 675. Your van for [Exploring New Horizons]

From the moment you step into a Newlands Luxe, you can feel the difference. The Luxe range caters to the more discerning purchasers who want everything the Tourister has to offer, but with some extra luxuries. Think of the Luxe as a Tourister with a distinguished, more sophisticated face-lift. With CNC-cut furniture, microfibre upholstery, DVDs to every bunk (in family vans), premium finishes and the list goes on.

All brings you back to a single thought… Why Compromise?


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