The Concept Ascot has the enviable reputation of being the cornerstone and the benchmark for all Concept products. Consistently, the Ascot has held the No.1 position of the company’s many models and has left an indelible footprint in the market.

The Ascot XTS has been designed to ensure that your adventurous travel choices are not deterred from the Ascots reputation of providing luxurious travel whilst exploring Australia. The traditionally built Ascot sits atop a proven Preston Chassis, coupled with a twin axle, ALKO Enduro Cross Country Suspension system (with dual shock absorbers), on 245/R16 wheels. The Ascot also includes additional classy external features such as,composite aluminium cladding, high checker plates, dual solar panels, dual batteries and a range of additional fittings, appliances and components. All allowing for increased free camping capability. Your adventure has been realised with the Ascot XTS and all of your desired luxuries.

Ascot XTS – Cafe Lounge

The 22 foot (6.7m) Rear Door Ascot XTS offers you a range of layout choices to meet all travel needs. From cafe dinettes, L shaped or club lounges to queen…

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Ascot XTS – Club Lounge

The 22 foot (6.7m) Rear Door Ascot XTS with a Club Lounge offers you a range of choices. You can opt for a cafe style dinette or ‘L’ shaped lounge, queen bed…

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Ascot XTS

The Ascot XTS has been designed to ensure that your luxurious travel remains uncompromised when exploring Australia. With classy external features such as composite aluminum, proven suspension systems and additions…

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