Motorhomers, Caravanners and Avida are very conscious of the environment; after all, the enjoyment of RVing is to take in our vast country and the wondrous sights and amazing and varied vistas that can be found from the rivers to the desert, from the mountains to the sea.

There can be nothing better than to set up your motorhome next to a tranquil pond or outback clearing, a quiet caravan park perhaps offering all the facilities or one of the many legal free camps provided in out of the way places.

Motorhomers, caravans and campers heed the message and responsibly live in harmony with the environment, cleaning up after themselves, disposing of their waste responsibly, being aware of their surrounds and respecting the message that they should leave only footprints.

Avida has adopted an environmentally friendly approach in everything they do and have been certified by the Caravan and Camping Industry Association for building in strong environmental practises and equipment in there state of the art manufacturing facility located on the outskirts of Sydney, at Emu Plains.

The Industry Gumnut Awards are coveted as, to achieve Gumnut status, a comprehensive checklist of environmental projects and initiatives must be undertaken and completed, Avida has to date received the Silver and Bronze Gumnuts Wards for environmental excellence.

Initiatives have been introduced throughout the plant to reduce and minimise pollution and waste, initiatives such as reclaiming roof water runoff for use in toilets and water systems and modifying the drainage systems to minimise debris runoff into the water ways.

Other initiatives include the installation of factory air-conditioning systems that only operate in extreme conditions, turning themselves off and on automatically and factory lighting systems that also turn off automatically when pre-set ambience is reached, amongst other initiatives.

Motorhomes by their nature are a green way to travel as they produce their own electricity, store waste grey and black water for proper disposal and importantly, use less fuel than equivalent modes of travel.

The NRMA documented a fuel economy run which saw even the larger motorhomes achieve a better result than a mid-size caravan being towed by a 4WD vehicle, in fact up to 45% less fuel usage.

Going further, Avida has incorporated green features in the motorhome and caravan range, not the least being the adoption of the synthetic wall panel known as Superlite.

Superlite sheet offers a number of features; it is strong and durable but lightweight and moisture resistant and won’t rot or go mouldy. Importantly, it won’t absorb moisture as well as being lighter; it does not add weight to the motorhome or caravan thus reducing fuel usage.

Superlite is made of recyclable composite materials thus avoiding the need for felling more trees in the production of Avida Motorhomes and Caravans.